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What will be the novelties of wedding dresses for this new year?

Today, we’ll discover it together. In this post, I choose for you the most important Brands of the Fashion World. We will know the fabrics, pieces and colours that inspired the stylists in 2023.


Dresses of the essential lines which evoke a solemn style. Use of rigid fabrics like mikado and ligher cloths like georgette and tulle. Moreover, there is a new interpretation of the 80s style, to the point that there is a reintroduction of puffball sleeves. Pronovias wants to trigger elegance and sophistication with a formal touch.


Following the traces of Pronovias, Nicole gives contemporary interpretations about the new bridal collection. Bohémien style makes way for elegance with sophisticated features but simpler.

Fabrics of warm colour with nude and glitter toned-down, the code word is “sparkling”.

Furthermore, convertible dresses are more always in trend. These dresses allow you to have two dresses in one, so you will be free to dance at the after party.

Rosa Clarà

The protagonist fabric is the lace, especially chantilly lace. Moreover we find chiffon, mikado and tulle with applications of embroidery in 3D.

Rosa Clarà presented bridal dresses of tailoring and sophisticated lines, looking eighty, where the muffs are reintroduced.

Rosa Clarà, expresses a heavenly and youth style, in her collections

Nadia Orlando e Musa Bridal Couture

The strong point of bridal collection is the italian manufacturing, The bridal dresses creation has a classic and romantic style through the use of fabrics like lace, organza of silk, tulle and mikado.

The dresses enriched of swarovski, pearls and small crystals, so everything becomes bright. The most important feature of mermaid model, or A-line model concern the train, that is elegance and great prestige.

Alberto Palatchi

Creations of the classic and bohèmien characteristic, to wear with ease. The bridal dresses were thought up to bring out the natural beauty of the bride, who wants to experience dynamics and lightheartedness on her wedding day.

The employment of the delicate and romantic cloths like lace, tulle and organza, but also the use of rigid fabrics like mikado.

A last piece of advice that I would like to give you is, thanks to a wide choice of fabrics and colours, you have to check what shade of white is perfect for your skin. If you know a look consultant, she will help selection.

How to recognize your bridal dress? The moment you wear it, it will captivate and excite you, so in that instant you will pronounce your first “Yes, I do!”

A special thanks to Caterina od Atelier Aline, for her precious support.

The brands that are mentioned are available in the Atelier.

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