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Why not try a unique experience in the wonderful Tuscany landscape for your guests?

That’s what David and Marissa chose to do, coming from the United States they have decided to plan their wedding in Tuscany with help of Guya Weddings.

Who is Guya? 

She started her career at a young age at a big multinational corporation where She planned cultural events. Immediately after, she decided to devote herself completely to wedding planning. In this way, she became a professional wedding planner and designer.

Her style reflects elegance and genuineness. Guya considers herself to be the director in each wedding and everything must follow the plan that the bride and groom have chosen for their wedding and they are the main characters. 

A fundamental quality that a wedding planner must have is listening skills, which is why many couples choose her, just like David and Marissa.

Unforgettable three days…….

David and Marissa are the loveliest couple who chose to spend a three-day weekend celebrating their wedding with friends and family to have a real experience.

They have decided to exchange their vows with a religious ceremony at Pieve di San Leonardo in Cerreto Guidi. It was an intimate and simple ceremony full of emotions. They were surrounded by their close relatives and friends. 

After getting married, David and Marissa wanted to celebrate with a Pizza Party in a typical Tuscan Villa, surrounded by pleasant hills which characterize the Florentine panorama. All the guests enjoyed a magical atmosphere with the sunset as a backdrop. They tasted delicious pizza on a relaxing evening which was very informal and lighthearted. 

The next day, David and Marissa wanted to give their friends and relatives an authentic BBQ. The party developed into dancing and singing. Everyone was filled with cheerfulness and happiness.

A symbolic ceremony full of emotion

David and Marissa chose to give great importance to the symbolic ceremony, so they personalized it, taking care of each tiny detail. Guya listened to their requests and gave them advice. In the end she planned something truly unique. A palette of autumn colours with apricot, peach, face powder pink tones and green shades with a touch of burgundy, ocean and teal colours. Regarding fabrics, the main material was natural cotton with a velvet cover for the chairs. The wedding tables had name cards corresponding to the guests sitting at the table as well as decorated with different flowers.

Concerning the cake cutting, they chose an intimate corner which was romantic made up of lanterns, candles, face powder pink and apricot roses. The scenography was completed with the addition of vintage lamps above the ceiling, so the atmosphere became really magical and impressive. 

The first dance of the newlyweds introduced everyone to begin dancing and the relatives and friends went wild onto the dancefloor. It was a really unforgettable day, rich in emotions, elegance and fun.

I really appreciate having had the opportunity to be involved in this “wedding experience” and to know how much care, responsibility and passion goes on “behind the scenes”. For this, I thank Guya for inviting me on this journey of emotions, because to be able to make a dream come true for this couple and to give them happiness is something truly extraordinary.   

If you can dream, you can do it”. W. Disney

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